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Weekend Retreat: Ayurveda for Family Health

Friday, May 3, 2024 Sunday, May 5, 2024 PDT


Health is a positive state of happiness achieved through the normal condition of the doshas (constitution), dhatus (tissues), agni (digestive fire), and malas (waste). as well as a serene state of body, mind and senses. The strength of agni and doshas varies throughout the seasons. 

The Ayurvedic lifestyle is based on three things:

• Routine – Performing healthy practices at the same time each day embeds them in your lifestyle. Your body will know when to prepare itself to wake up, digest food and go to sleep. Regularity in your routines is essential. All of the body’s processes will benefit.

• Moderation – Provides balance to our lives and prevents overindulgence. Most commonly, the road to ill health begins with a lapse in judgment. Even though we know better, we frequently choose to make unhealthy choices, most often in pursuit of sense pleasures. This might be overloading the stomach with an excessive meal and disrupting our sleep cycle by staying up too late and sleeping during the day, or suppressing natural urges to cry, yawn, or even go to the bathroom.

• Tuning in to the natural rhythm of the doshas and agni – They naturally fluctuate during the day, by season and across phase of life.

Bring balance to your life!

Special Guest

Dr. Bharathi A.V., BAMS, FAIHM, YIC, is a passionate Ayurveda Practitioner, Speaker, and Educator with over 20 years of clinical experience. She believes in working together with her clients as a team in creating health and balance. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda (BAMS), from Bangalore University, India. Dr. Bharathi is a Fellow in Integrative Medicine from the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. She is a researcher who has also co-authored several scientific publications. Dr. Bharathi has been practicing in Orange County for over 16 years. Her areas of expertise include managing digestive imbalances, healthy weight management, post oncology integrative care, Ayurveda detoxification and chronic pain management.

Daily Schedule

Friday 5/3
6:00–7:30pm Yoga Asana Class
7:30pm Vegetarian dinner

Saturday 5/4
6:00–7:15am Satsang (meditation, chanting and a short talk)
7:30am Light breakfast
9:00–10:30am Yoga Asana Class
11:00am–12:30pm Ayurvedic Preventive Medicine for Family Health
12:30pm Vegetarian lunch
1:30pm Karma Yoga
4:30–6:00pm Kitchari Workshop
6:00pm Vegetarian dinner

Sunday 5/5
6:00–7:15am Satsang
8:00am Light breakfast
10:00–11:30am Yoga Asana Class
12:00pm Vegetarian lunch
1:00pm Karma Yoga
2:00–3:30pm Afternoon Workshop: Self-Abhyanga (warm oil massage)
5:30–7:00pm Satsang and Soup (optional)


Have an Ayurvedic Consultation with Dr Bharathi

60 minutes, available (additional fee)
Dr Bharathi will determine your constitution, appraise the balance of your doshas, the health of your dhatus (tissues), the strength of your agni (digestive fire), as well as your ojas (immunity) and sattva (mental harmony). Please book in advance. There is an intake form due back to us by Friday, May 3. Choose appointment time by email or phone.

Have an Ayurvedic Massage with Janine

Book an Abhyanga, Shirodhara or both by appointment on Sunday. Appointments fill fast…

Arrive Friday by 6:00pm and depart Sunday afternoon, or stay for evening Satsang.




Friday, May 3, 2024
Sunday, May 5, 2024
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3741 West 27th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90018 United States
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(310) 822-9642
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