Class Schedule

All yoga classes are being offered in person and online.
Stay strong and positive.



— Sliding scale pricing on some online options —

During online classes, we request that you keep your video on for more connection and guidance.
(If no one has their camera on, the class may be cancelled.)

Late policy: Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late will not be permitted into class.

Passcode: Yoga108

“I am LOVING the classes that I have been taking. The instructors have been exceptional.
I am a beginner, and I have tried yoga classes in the past. I always left feeling like I was
unable to keep up with the class. I have never felt that way in these yoga classes. It is
providing me with all the stretches that my body is so in need of!! This time of re-set was
much needed by my soul. I knew I would be directed to the perfect place for me!”

Kathy G.


 All levels
Open classes are 90-minute, mixed-level classes, which include breathing exercises, sun salutations, 12 basic postures with variations, and final relaxation. Pre-registration is required. 

Gentle classes are 90-minutes, similar in content to the All Levels class with more warmups and shorter holds. Plenty of modifications available. Pre-registration is required.

Yoga Track Classes
Track classes are weekly classes packaged in a monthly series. For instance, come every Tuesday for the month and take an Open Class with emphasis on variations of the basic asanas. Challenge yourself. You are welcome to rejoin the following month. Pre-registration is required.

This daily group practice consists of meditation, devotional chanting, and a short talk. It generally lasts up to 90 minutes. Free and open to everyone. Pre-registration is required.

A beautiful and ancient ritual of offering and surrender. All are welcome.

Avoid eating for two hours before a Yoga class. Wear loose, modest clothing. Cushions and mats are provided. However, for hygienic purposes, it is recommended that you bring your own mat or towel. Please be on time.


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