Satsang is daily group meditation practice followed by call-and-response devotional chanting and an informal talk on the practical philosophy of Yoga and Vedanta. Uplift your mind in the company of spiritual seekers and find fresh inspiration by listening to teachers, special guests, and yogic scriptures.


Follow along and participate in the devotional chanting; chant books are provided. In essence, the practice of chanting is universal and based on the power of sound and is not sectarian.


Also, the heartfelt, group kirtan chanting along with music uplifts the spirit and opens the heart. Renew inspiration and enthusiasm for yoga practice and enhance your life.



There is no charge for Satsang. 

All are welcome to attend. If you are coming in person to the 6:00am Satsang, please either let us know the day before so we can have the drive-in gate open for you—or ring the doorbell at the walk-up gate when you arrive (or call us) and we will let you in. Please be on time. There is free parking in the rear. If you come for evening Satsangs, the drive-in gate will already be open.

Guidelines for Online Satsang
1) You are required to keep your video on during the Satsang, with yourself in view. This helps all of us to be present and connect with each other. (Keep audio on “mute.”)
2) Please do not multitask while in the online Satsang. Engage as fully as you would if we were in person.
3) Do not eat food during Satsang. Drinking water or tea (no coffee) is fine.
4) Please keep rambunctious pets out of the “temple.”
5) You can ask a question by clicking “Raise hand” (under the icon labeled “Participants” at the bottom center of your screen) or by typing your question into the chat box.
6) Audio and video recording is not permitted. Periodic recordings may be made available to you by permission.

Thank you for helping us make this a healthy and harmonious online community experience for all.

M O R N I N G   S A T S A N G
• 6:00–7:15am PST – JOIN
PW: om108

E V E N I N G   S A T S A N G
Wednesday • 7:30–8:45pm PST – JOIN

Sunday • 5:30–6:45pm PST – JOIN

B O N U S :
International Online Satsang with Swami Sitaramananda
Thursdays • 6:00–7:30am PDT – JOIN

Please email us at [email protected] to be put on the list to receive Satsang updates.

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