Kirtan and Bhajan

Join us for Kirtan

playing harminium and chanting

Wednesday evenings, 7.15 - 8.45pm

Kirtan is practical. Not everyone has the physical stamina to practice more conventional forms of yoga. But even a child can chant. You open your mouth, and you let your heart sing out. It’s blissful and, under proper guidance, easy to perform.

Robert Gass says that kirtan is "singing our prayers, vocal meditation, the breath made audible in tone, and discovering spirit in sound." He reminds us that "Religions and armies, tribes and nations, political marches and sports teams have all recognized and made use of the power of chant to touch our collective minds and hearts — for better and for worse. Something happens when we chant together, when we choose to give our voices, our energy and our hearts to a common song and to each other.