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30-Day Pranayama Challenge on Instagram Live


Third round of 30 days, 8:00–8:30am PDT. Free!

Establish a practice that will relax your nerves, build up your lungs and immune system and increase your energy....and keep you calm. It is easy, profound and depends only on you. Each session includes useful teaching on stress, breath, prana, balance... Build your will power and your lung capacity by a solid practice of anuloma viloma, alternate nostril breathing. Feel the support of a strong community. Enjoy the clarity and radiance! 

Monday, May 20–Tuesday, June 18, 2020

Follow us on Instagram at: sivanandayoga_la


Here's what people are saying:

"This is the best motivation in maintaining discipline in this unstructured day that we all have."

"I can’t wait for each session."

"I’m finding I am breathing deeper more often."

"So supportive! When I sit to meditate it is so much easier to get into that stillness. In general, my mind feels strengthened and focused."


"So much energy. Bright. Amazing."