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ONLINE Art of Processing Emotions (2 days)

With Swami Sivasankariananda

Within all of us is a silent language that reveals the truth of our thoughts, feelings and emotions far more eloquently than words. That language is imagery, the body and mind's primary means of inner communication. We tap a deeper wisdom, non-verbal and uncluttered, more accurate than words. Unattended thoughts can hijack feelings and create stress. Access and express emotions and feelings, bypassing the inner critic. Feelings reveal needs. Be quiet. Take time to listen. The body never lies. This is not about technique, it is a very personal form of self-exploration. You may be surprised to see how easy it is. Say yes to the adventure. See yourself and others in a new way. Uncover hope and possibility. Enjoy community support. Release your stresses and see what your inner imagery has to teach you about yourself. The healing process does not depend on artistic ability or experience.

Collect whatever supplies you have:
colored paper
magazines you don't mind cutting up (or junk mail)
fabric scraps
found objects
paper or board