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Holistic Health Retreat: Yoga for Stress Resilience

Friday, July 14 @ 6:00 PM Sunday, July 16 @ 4:00 PM PDT

With Saraswati

Attend this therapeutic weekend program as a residential retreat or come as a day guest.

More than 70% of doctor visits are due to diseases or health conditions caused by stress. Stress adversely affects physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health, if untreated for long periods of time. This holistic health retreat will help you to recognize the sources of stress in your daily life and provides the Yogic tools to increase your stress resilience and cultivate a positive outlook on life as we address lifestyle choices and how to change them through:

• eating a balanced, vegetarian diet
• limiting caffeine and alcohol
• proper sleep
• regular exercise (asana)
• conscious breathing exercises (pranayama)
• regular meditation
• creative pursuits
• spiritual diary writing
• recognizing factors that trigger stress response


During this retreat, you will learn how to reduce stress with yoga practices, and how to achieve a deep sense of peace and well-being by integrating breath, body, and mind. Learn and experience time-tested practices of yogic principles—highly effective and easy to learn regardless of your experience in yoga. Gain diet and lifestyle tips from the ancient healing science of Ayurveda. Join us for Hatha Yoga classes, breathwork, meditation, healthy vegetarian meals, and educational workshops in a supportive spiritual community at the LA Sivananda Yoga Center. Empower yourself by creating a practical and holistic daily wellness routine.

This is a program of the Sivananda Institute of Health & Yoga. It offers guidance from the 5 Points of Yoga in the Sivananda tradition and the 4 Paths of Yoga.

Includes a 90-minute personal health review prior to the program (in person or via Zoom) and a one-on-one mini-consultation at the end. Followups possible.


Saraswati graduated her first Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) on September 19, 1977. She returned to her first love after retirement and obtained her second TTC certificate November 17, 2021. She immediately enrolled in the 800-hr Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Training program in January 2022. She leads this program under the guidance of a C-IAYT certified Yoga Therapist mentor.



Daily Schedule

(Items shown in bold indicate the Day Guest schedule)

6:00–7:30pm – Asana class
7:30pm – Vegetarian dinner

6:00–7:30am – Satsang (silent meditation, chanting and a talk)
8:00am – Light breakfast
10:00–11:30am – Yoga Class: Gentle Asanas and Pranayama
12:00pm – Vegetarian lunch
1:00–2:30pm – Talk: Yoga and Developing Stress Resilience
2:45–3:45pm – Relaxation Techniques
3:45pm–4:15pm –
 Individual Check-ins
4:30pm – Karma Yoga
6:00pm – Dinner

6:00–7:30am – Satsang on the topic of Prana
8:00am – Light breakfast
10:00–11:30am – Yoga Class: Gentle Asanas and Pranayama
12:00pm – Vegetarian lunch
1:00–2:30pm – Talk: Tools and Practices for Self Regulation
2:45–3:45pm – Concentration Techniques
3:45pm–4:15pm – Individual Mini-consultations

5:30–7:30pm – Satsang and soup (optional)


Retreat Arrival & Departure

Arrival: Check-in as early as 2:00pm Friday. 

Departure: Check-out at 4:00pm Sunday. Or stay for Satsang and soup.


What to bring

Slip-on shoes, slippers, loose comfortable clothing, writing materials, meditation shawl or blanket, yoga mat, sitting cushion and water bottle.


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