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The program of Seva Study (Karma Yoga) is a residential program, with the spiritual volunteers fully immersed in the ashram for a minimum of one month . The idea of selfless service (seva) is an important concept in most Indian religions and yogic traditions because the true Self is perceived as being the same essential Self in others or, in other words, the yoga practitioner endeavors to see God in others. Serving other people is considered an essential yogic practice. Therefore this residential program is designed following this yogic philosophy. It is designed to help you to practice selfless service (Karma Yoga) in action and spirit in daily life. It is designed to help you to practice selfless service (Karma Yoga) in action and spirit in daily life. You are required to live in our ashram during the program period and take meals at our ashram and participate in all programs and classes. For tax purposes, according to our legal advisor, your stay is not taxable according to IRS because of the schedule requirement (daily schedule of the ashram starting at 6am meditation and ending at 10pm meditation) as well as because accommodations in the vicinity of the ashram is not possible, the ashram is being in a secluded valley, away from town. Kindly consult your own tax advisor at your own discretion.
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