Yoga Track Classes

Track classes are weekly classes packaged in a monthly series. For instance, come every Tuesday evening at 5:30pm for the month and take an Open Class with emphasis on variations of the basic asanas. Build a steady practice and give yourself a little challenge.

Tuesdays 5:30–7:00pm – Variations
Wednesdays 5:30–7:00pm – Pranayama
Thursdays 5:30–7:00pm – Gentle Yoga
Fridays 5:30–7:00pm – Meditation
Saturdays 10:00–11:30am – Basic Hatha Yoga
Sundays 10:00–11:30am – Basic Hatha Yoga

You are welcome to continue joining the subsequent months.

Duration: 90 minutes per session, meets weekly each month. Pre-registration required.
Donation: $60 per month; $50 each additional track in the same month

Taster: Try out a Track Class!  $12 per session for the month of July 2021

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