Cultural Programs

At the Sivananda Yoga Center, we offer a variety of classical Indian cultural programs to honor the rich and ancient tradition of Yoga.

Classical Indian Music

The raga tradition is spiritual both in its essence and expression. We are honored to host exemplary musicians periodically throughout the year. The music carries the listener into states akin to meditation itself. Marvel at the intricacies of this masterful improvisational style of music.

Puja and Homa

Attend a classical worship ceremony (puja), a feast for your senses, elevating and sublime. Chant and make physical offerings, enlisting the head, hands and heart. More elaborate fire ceremonies (homa) are celebrated by visiting Vedic priests regularly. The atmosphere is one of healing and purification.

Special Teacher Visits

We host a steady stream of longstanding and new friends to give talks and lead weekend retreats. They are experts in their fields—from Vedanta, Vastu, Jyotish and Ayurveda to psychology and trauma—all dedicated to supporting a well-rounded yogic lifestyle.

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