Yoga Health Education

The Sivananda Institute of Health & Yoga (SIHY) seeks to empower individuals with classical Yoga tools and Self-knowledge to promote integral health, to reduce stress, to restore balance and a sense of purpose in one’s life. 

Common health conditions addressed include respiratory disorders, cardiovascular conditions, chronic pain, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, musculoskeletal conditions, psychology, etc.


Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Consultations

Do you need support with your health? Do you find yourself stressed often? Low energy? Confusion? Restlessness? Disease diagnosis? Yoga practice and philosophy can help you with understanding and awareness to start your process of self-healing. Face any struggle with less negativity and more faith.  Learn to adapt. The struggle itself is often a big lesson that we resist. Find the way back to your deeper, authentic Self. With compassion and sincerity, the Yoga Health Educator or trainee will go through the health intake process with you and give you recommendations to address your goals. You will be guided through these self-healing practices, which may include dietary/sleep recommendations, yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques, and more.

Please wear modest, comfortable clothes. All mats, blankets and props needed for the sessions will be provided.

Package of three 90-minute sessions

With a trainee in the 800-hour Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Training Course under the guidance of an IAYT-certified mentor

With an IAYT-certified Yoga Health Educator

By appointment. Single sessions and other packages are available.

Please note: Yoga Health Educators are not medical doctors. This consultation is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.


To support you further, we are offering:

• Talks and workshops with health professionals
• 5-session Pain Management Course
• 5-session Stress Management Course
Ayurvedic consultations and followup by appointment
Private yoga classes by appointment
• Weekend intensives on specific health issues
Ayurvedic body treatments



Another 800-hour Sivananda Yoga Health Educator Training (SYHET) course begins Friday, November 12, 2019 at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley. It is taught in three intensive modules at the ashram, plus distance learning and a 250-hour mentored practicum.