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ONLINE Morning Satsang


Satsang is an opportunity to come together as a group to uplift one another, to encourage one another, to teach one another. The practice includes half an hour of silent meditation with some guidance, half an hour of chanting and then some inspiring words from Swami Sivananda. We finish with arati, a ceremony of offering the light of wisdom.

June Zoom link

Please mute yourself during meditation and chanting, but you are welcome to unmute during the reading to ask a question or participate in a discussion.

You are welcome to purchase our chant book online so you can follow along.

Note that, on Wednesdays, we do Krishna puja and, on Fridays, we do Lakshmi puja during Satsang time. Puja also starts with half an hour of meditation.

Also note that on Sundays when Swami Sitaramananda is scheduled to give a morning talk, we will not hold our Satsang that morning. We can share Sunday evening Satsang at 7:30pm on request.