Mahasivaratri Festival - Night of Lord Siva

9:30 PM Monday, March 4 –
5:30 AM Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Please prepare your monetary donation and offering of fruit/flowers


Kirtan starts 9.30pm
Pujas at 10pm, 12 midnight, 2am and 4am
Prasad feast at dawn


Please come to one or all pujas - all are welcome to participate in pujas. There will be kirtan sessions between pujas and prasad feast at 6am. 

We welcome offerings for flowers, prasad and monetary donations toward puja flowers and other items.

This event is supported 100% by donation. Please contact us at 310-822-9642 with your offerings. 

It is said that Lord Siva protects the world throughout the year but this is his one night to rest. It is our duty to watch over the world for him. This all night vigil with continuous chanting of the names of Siva, Lord of Yogis, will tune your mind to the highest spiritual vibrations.


The Legend of the Hunter

Once a hunter while chasing a deer wandered into a dense forest and found himself on the banks of river Kolidum when he heard the growl of a tiger. To protect himself from the beast he climbed up a tree nearby. The tiger pitched itself on the ground below the tree fostering no intention to leave. The hunter stayed up in the tree all night and to keep himself from falling asleep, he gently plucked one leaf after another from the tree and threw it down. Under the tree was a Shiva Linga and the tree blessedly turned out to be a bilva tree. Unknowingly the man had pleased the deity with bilva leaves. At sunrise, the hunter looked down to find the tiger gone, and in its place stood Lord Shiva. He prostrated before the Lord and attained salvation from the cycle of birth and death.


ALL are welcome *family friendly event*