Headstand Workshop: Basics, Variations & Modifications

Saturday, November 10, 2018
12:30 –1:30 pm
Tuition: $15.00 (Member $10.00)


We will discuss the headstand, King of all asanas, its benefits on body, breath and mind, variations, modifications and counterindications.

Following a warm up we will put this theory to practice. With individual attention wherever you need.

This workshop is for ALL Levels


Still Learning the headstand?

Build a steady foundation:

  • master the 8 steps to a soild headstand
  • use the breath to guide the body into a comfortable pose
  • find relaxation when life is upside-down

Already know the headstand?

Improve your alignment:

  • align the body for a more comfortable & steady pose
  • hold the classical posture longer
  • learn to make subtle self-adjustments 


Mastered the classical headstand?

Learn advanced variations:

  • simple to intriquite leg variations
  • learn to hold your foundation steady while moving the lower body
  • improve your balancing ability


Have a head or neck injury?

Discover modifications for the headstand:

  • Learn how to gain benefits of inverting, with postures other than the headstand
  • Know how to modify for your body in an open class


For ALL Levels