Navaratri: Nine Nights of the Divine Mother

Tuesday, October 9 – Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Please offer Dakshina and Donation

2018 Navaratri Puja Schedule:

Tuesday October 9th, 7:45pm
Wednesday October 10th, 7:15pm
Thursday October 11th, 7:45pm

Friday October 12th, 7:00pm
Saturday October 13th, 6:00pm
Sunday October 14th, 6:00pm

Monday October 15th, 7:45pm
Tuesday October 16th, 7:45pm
Wednesday October 17th, 7:15pm

Day of Victory
Thursday October 18th, 6am

"During Navaratri, or the Nine Nights, the Divine in the form of the Mother is worshipped with great devotion. On the first three nights, Durga or the destructive aspect of the Mother is worshipped. On the succeeding three nights, it is the creative aspect or Lakshmi that is adored. And on the last three nights, the knowledge aspect or Saraswati is invoked. The tenth day is the Vijaya Dasami day or the Day of Victory.

There is a special significance in this arrangement. When the Devi is worshipped by a devotee in this order, as Durga She first destroys the evil propensities that lurk in the mind. Then, as Lakshmi, She implants therein the divine qualities conducive to spiritual unfoldment. Then as Saraswati, She bestows true knowledge on the aspirant.

The tenth day commemorates the victory of knowledge over ignorance, or goodness over evil. Aspirants are initiated on this day. The learning of any science is begun on this highly auspicious day. On this day the carpenter, the tailor, the mason, the artist, the songster, the typist and all technical workers do puja for their instruments and implements. This is Ayudha Puja. They behold and recognise the Sakti or Power behind those instruments and worship the Devi for their success, prosperity and peace." -Swami Sivananda.


Please arrive at least 5 minutes before start. Kirtan (chanting) and puja books are provided to help you follow along and participate.

The program is open to all. Please prepare to offer Dakshina as a part of the ceremony. Donations of flowers, sweets and monetary donations are graciously accepted, contact us for a list of the items.