Yantra Painting Weekend

Swami Sivasankariananda6:00 AM Saturday, November 16 –
9:00 PM Sunday, November 17, 2019
Tuition : $250.00
includes all supplies

A yantra is a powerful meditation tool, both through the process—plotting the mathematical structure and systematically painting it—and as a symbol of the mantra it represents (with a central focal point). Focus and quiet concentration are required. The visual and nonverbal right hemisphere of the brain is enlisted. With the inner silence comes self-awareness. Watch your experience and find the center again. Encountering the symmetrical, geometric pattern fosters inner harmony.

Elevate your consciousness by connecting to the Divine, the universal cosmology.

We begin with the Ganesha yantra, pictured above, carefully drawing the sacred geometry, then painting with the specific colors of the Ganesha energy. Participants work at their own pace. If you have already painted the Ganesha yantra, you will have the opportunity to paint a planet yantra.

All materials provided, but you are welcome to bring a pencil, eraser, compass and/or straight edge with metric measurements. No experience necessary. Please sign up in advance.

Drop in for workshops, asana classes and meals or check in by 7:00pm Friday 11/15 and enjoy the whole weekend.


Friday • 11/15

7:00pm  Check-in

7:30pm  Satsang (meditation, chanting and inspiration from Swami Sivananda's writings)

10:00pm  Lights out


Saturday • 11/16

6:00am  Satsang

8:00am  Gentle Asana Class, including meditation

10:00am  Vegetarian brunch provided

11:00am  Karma Yoga (service)

12:00–4:00pm  Yantra Painting Session #1

4:00–6:00pm  Asana class or continue painting

6:00pm  Vegetarian dinner

7:30pm  Satsang

10:00pm  Lights out


Sunday • 11/17

6:00am Satsang

8:00am  Gentle Asana Class, including meditation

10:00am  Vegetarian brunch provided

10:30am  Karma Yoga

11:00–2:00pm  Yantra Painting Session #2

2:00–4:30pm  Vedic Mantra Workshop with Pandit Samavedula

5:00pm  Checkout or stay for:

6:00–7:00pm  Vegetarian Dinner

7:30–9:00pm  Satsang


For the Residential Retreat option:
Private room $460 or dorm room $370 for 2 nights

Shared same-sex bathroom
Includes per day: light breakfast, vegetarian lunch and dinner, 2 yoga classes, 2 satsangs (attendance required)
1–2 hours of Karma Yoga
Check in 7:00pm Friday; check out Sunday
We request a non-refundable deposit of $100, credit card only. Refundable only if cancelled within 24 hours of booking. 
Extra fee for secure parking: $10 per day
Advance reservation required. Call 310-822-9642 or email [email protected]

Or per session:
Saturday workshop $40 
Sunday workshops $30 each
Meals $10 each
Asana classes $16 each

Swami Sivasankariananda

Swami Sivasankariananda, incoming director of the Los Angeles Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, served as director of the San Francisco Center from February of 2015 to September 2019. She returns to LA where she lived for 20+ years. She completed her TTC at the Yoga Farm in 1997 and ATTC there in 2008. Swamiji has been on yatra in north and south India and Mount Kailas. She loves to teach and is particularly fond of the Bhakti Yoga practices. She took sannyas in 2017 and is a certified yoga therapist.