Bhagavad Gita

Fridays 7:00 –8:00 pm

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The Bhagavad Gita, often called the fifth Veda, is one of the most important scriptures in yoga. It teaches the means to live a spiritual life while in the midst of daily stress, conflics and problems. The scene is a battlefield. 

Literally, the name Bhagavad Gita means "Song of God". It is in the form of a dialogue between Krishna, the divine incarnation and teacher, and the warrior Arjuna, the disciple. It caontains 18 chapters, consisting of seven hundred verses from the Bhisma Parva of the epic Mahabharata, written by Vyasa. 

The Bhagavad Gita is a universal scripture for people of all temperaments, all walks of life, all times and all places.

In Swami Sivananda's words; "Gita embodies in itself a solution to the immediately pressing problems of man and carries a wonderful message of encouragement, hope, cheer and consolation. It is a direct appeal to divinize the entire nature of man... It gives man a positive promise of salvation and makes him fearless."

Suitable for all. Join in at any time.