Satyanarayana Puja

Swami VashistanandaSunday, October 1, 2017
4:00 –6:00 pm

By Donation. ALL is WELCOME



SATHYA NARAYANA POOJA is an ancient tradition of India. In this Worship we invoke the Lord Mahavishnu, the Lord of Peace and Harmony. There many stories about this pooja and the result of doing it in the Puranas. It is also a tradition to invoke the Nine planets while performing this pooja. Devotees who are facing all kinds of problems, sorrows,pains,difficuties etc are advised to participate in this sathyanarayana Pooja. Please join us in prayer and worship for Peace. 

Please arrive early and dress in cleaning clothing. Offerings of flowers, fruits and prasad welcome. 


Swami Vashistananda

Swami Vashistananda comes from the Namboodri lineage in Southern India, Kerala which is one of the oldest and traditional priest lineages in all of India.  He was the personal priest of Swami Vishnudevananda, the great yoga master from India that started the International Sivananda Yoga Organization and has been a long-time teacher of bhakti and vedanta in the Sivananda organization ever since.  He has studied the vedic rituals and mantras since he was a young boy and graduated from vedanta school and was personally initiated by Swami Vishnudevananda.  He conducts daily rituals at the ashram to all the temples, shrines, and altars and does the arati every morning and evening at satsang. He has been at the Yoga farm since October 2014.