Yantra Workshop

Saturday, August 12 – Sunday, August 13, 2017Tuition: $45.00 (Member $35.00)
including materials

Friday 6pm to 8pm
Saturday 2pm to 6pm
Sunday 1pm to 3pm

Yantra painting is a sacred art, based on the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of knowledge and wisdom. A Yantra is a mantra in visual form.

Discover the delight of making a Yantra yourself. No artistic experience necessary. Heavyweight watercolor paper, drawing tools, gouache paint and fine brushes will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own lead pencil, sharpener, eraser, metric ruler and compass if you have them. We start with the Yantra for Ganesha to remove obstacles. 

The act of drawing and painting Yantras is a deeply meditative experience, teaching the mind how to concentrate, how to be one-pointed. This practice is fascinating and absorbing and can yield valuable lessons. Creating a Yantra requires accuracy, discipline, concentration, neatness and patience. The geometrical forms of the Yantra activate the right hemisphere of the brain, which is visual and nonverbal. Switch gears and restore balance from our left-hemisphere-dominated society. By coloring and drawing the geometrical Yantra diagrams, based on the mathematical perfection of sages of the East, we connect with our imagination and faith in higher values. The completed Yantra itself can be used as an object of meditation.

The visual patterns of Yantra are expressions of primal mathematical relationships involved in the structure, creation and dissolution of the universe. As a tool, Yantra is used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world, and can help you to go beyond the normal framework of the mind.